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Is the How To Get a FFL another scam? Personal How To Get a FFL Review reveals the truth.

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how much does a ffl cost?

August 9th, 2011 · 5 Comments · How To Get a FFL Review

how much would a ffl cost? my dad would like one i know there are differnt classes wed just like the one to where we could order remington 700s revolvers and stuff also where do u get one?
okay so we want class one can u show the aplication to fill out i cant find it on the atfs website

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  • Reedman

    www. atf.com is a good sight for this

  • Owlchemy_

    To get a FFL you generally need to have a shop which meets numerous and strigent federal requirements. You must have regular business hours and be open to the public. These general requirements make it rather difficult for the average Joe to get a standard FFL. It’s much easier to get a Curio and Relic FFL, but that only permits you to purchase guns fifty years old or older as a collector. All the requirements are on the ATF website, see link. Look through the FAQs. It’s all there.

  • corey h

    $200.00 for the first 3 years, $90.00 for renewel.

  • hpx645

    No —–you do not have to have a shop. I have had one to order rifles/handguns/shotguns since 1986 and have sold them out of my house with NO problems from ATF. It is $200 for the first 3 years, then $90 every 3 years on. I mainly use it for myself and you and dad will save that much on guns/scopes etc. One problem is a sales tax number from your home state. You’ll need it and just keep good records on your sales. You can put on your by appointment only or show only open on a certain day and it will pass.